Injection Molding Cycle Time Calculator

We listened to our users who enjoy using our online tools and decided to create an offline tool too. This is great for both you and us because we've had more users recently, which means higher bills for cloud computing. To keep offering you free service, we've put all the algorithms into a python executable that you can easily download here.

How to use it

1. Download cycle time calculator here 
(SHA-256 d50abd59013d6ba95c52b16138ea7283cedf125f00324a6fac00e2bb8b18f3a7)
2. Execute (works on everything that is Win7 SP2 and up)

upload stl file
3. After successfully upload the 3D object, you have to select the input. As of now, there is a limited selection of plastic materials and cavities available. This is due to the design aspect of the mold in regards to cavities.
4. Click "Calculate" to let the software compute the estimated cycletime.
calculated cycletime result

What to expect in future versions

In the future, we will be implementing some changes that will improve the accuracy of our cycle time estimation and expand its use cases.
  • Access to the material library, ability to add new materials
  • Manual input of the machine size that will be used. As of know, this is calculated with an algorithm that uses rules to establish the optimal machine size for the given part and the number of cavities. In reality, the machine size is often selected based on availability in the production.

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